A Personal Message from Lord Adama



I as, Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, want to thank you for joining us on the informational site that will address many levels of heart awareness to each of you.

My role with the Agarthan Council of Light (formerly the Lemurian Council of Light) is to help every soul on the Upper Earth to acknowledge their own true essence. It is not about who you are presently or what planet you came from, it is about the true Soverign Being of Light that you are.

I want to talk a little about who we are and why we work tiressly to assist so many souls awaken unto the Divinity of Love.

We are who you have been previously in Lemuria and Atlantis. We lived beyond the years that you could not experience. Your bodies expired through the devestation. Many of us in Telos, myself including, did not last as long as we wanted. Only a few hundred souls were able to travel to the Inner Earth cities including the City of Telos.

My history is more of what you are than you realize. I existed with the Lemurians for a few hundred years but yet, my soul needed to travel to other planes of existence especially on the Earth. I left my body in search of healing the wounds I had encountered during the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis. I lost both of my parents in the war at a very young age. But I continued working with the Lemurians as I was the son of the Queen and King. They were not able to last through the turmoil.

I always had an urging to find them and ask them, “why”. When I left the body, I was able to help build the Lemurian city of Telos. But there was always that searching within me that needed to know more. I wanted to work more deeply with Lord Sanat Kumara who created the Brotherhood of Light (which now includes the Sisterhood).

I spent several hundreds of years working on Venus and was able to meet my parents once again as their souls were healing from their deep wounds. It was not like a family reunion but truly each of us coming as the souls we had progressed into and worked and trained with the Holy Kumaras. It assisted me greatly to learn that they were no longer my parents but my colleagues in the spirit world. We learned so much from each other.

I was reborn into the Earth for five more times before I became a Lemurian again. These lifetimes were life changing for me as I learned to walk beside many other souls that were family in Lemuria, but yet I learned from the Divine Masters of how to release the previous incarnations and learn from them.

My last lifetime was during the time of Jeshua. There were others there that were training to become Ascended Masters. Each of us chose the direction that our Higher Self was guiding us to be. I was able to remember my previous incarnations along with becoming one with the Holy Kumaras on Venus.

This helped me tremendously to realize what I had chosen was for the best in my body and soul. I realized that during the lifetime with Jeshua I became re-united with souls I had worked with previously. There were two very special individuals that moved me deeply and that was both Rev. Christine Mahlariessee and Rev. Michael Ara. I knew that our lives would be always connected no matter where our souls ended up.

I cannot divulge our roles with each other as that is for each of us to know privately, but the bond that was created between us in Lemuria, continued into Venus, and then on the earthplane 2,000 years ago. It still continues to this day.

I asked Mahlariessee to offer my teachings in this venue as I felt that I needed to reach more individuals than I am through Walking Terra Christa and the social interactions on Facebook. My role with each of you is to get to know me from your Heart.

I have always desired to help the Upper Earth but my role with both of these individuals is very personal. I work and help them because my heart is divinely connected to theirs. They have assisted the Agarthans to understand what it is like to live on the upper earth and walk with the Mastery Pathway within the 3rd and 4th dimensional energies. My colleagues did not always believe that any of the humans on the Upper Earth would be able to live the way that we do. But that changed in the last eight years. Both Christine and Michael showed their dedication, understanding, worth with truth and honesty to work with each of us.

I will continue to be their partner in Telos. The Agarthan Council of Light is very happy to learn more about the human race although they are still very cautious as they must adhere to their own rules and regulations.

Our work with each of you is to help you not only understand but incorporate the teachings of Lemuria and the Agarthan Council of Light. It is not an easy process for each of you as you have not been given the training since birth to do this work.

Each of us lives in harmony; we work within the rules of the Ascended Masters and teach every individual how to be an Initiate. We help our children to understand these concepts.

We have many meetings in Telos and in Havalancheeia (Golden Etheric City of the 22nd Ray located in the 5th dimensional earth over Mount Shasta) with all of the Ascended Masters. Yes, we live magically but with it comes dedication, understanding, and realizing that each of us must take care of ourselves through the process. Most of our community lives for many years (average age is 400-800) depending upon their preference.

This is why we are not here to SAVE you but to help you SAVE YOURSELF.

The work you are doing is very important. It is the pre-requisite for the New Earth and no individual will step foot onto the 5th dimensional earth until they achieve mastery through all of the initiations. This is not designated by each person individually, but with Lord Melchizedek overseeing the entire process.

This is why we feel Walking Terra Christa is the place to receive these teachings. I personally met Christine in Mount Shasta for one reason. That being, she was the gift we needed to bridge the gap between her and us. It has not been easy on her. We have given her many assisgnments like the Ascension Columns to help the earth. She and Michael have had to have faith in every endeavor.

She would not tell you this herself as she is very humble, but their life is like being in Telos. Their house is 10th dimensional with the help of Lord Ashtar and his colleagues. The vibration that runs through Mahlariessee is a very high intensity. I and other Masters do not channel the energies; she becomes the energies. The only way she could do this was the work previously. Michael is the grounding force for her. Without him, she could not do this and we would not be talking to you presently.

Lady Mahlariessee is our Integrated Messenger for not only us but the Unified Whole of the 144th dimension with the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light, Divine Mother Father God and all frequencies of Light in between. We are blessed to have her on the earth and we will continue to work with her and Rev. Ara to bring you the highest, possible light infractions with understanding of what it means to be Telosian.

This is why we cannot come and live with each of you and you cannot live with us. We have to be careful of all energies. With the ascension columns, it is getting better but we still have a long way to travel together.

We thank you for being here walking with each of us hand-in-hand into the 5th dimensional earth of Terra Christa.

I am honored deeply for the commitment that each of you are showing.

I Am Lord Adama at your service with the Councils of Agartha.

Alunnah, Alunnah, Alunnah

Original Material © Copyright 2003-2020 Divine Language Network and WalkingTerraChrista.com by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden and Rev. Michael Ara Hayden. All rights reserved. PLEASE POST AND SHARE THIS CONTENT FREELY IN COMPLETE ORIGINAL & UNALTERED FORM INCLUDING ALL IMAGES & LINKS WITH THE COPYRIGHT NOTICE. BLESSINGS AND THANK YOU!


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