Achieving the Internal Essence of Happiness


Alunnah! Alunnah! Alunnah!

Greetings, My Dearest Ones.  I am Lord Adama here in these moments bringing forth my dissertation.

We gather together bringing forth the Divine energies to extend how to incorporate the Essence of Happiness unto your Being. There are other elements that constitute Happiness that are very important. The major component of that is what you experience in your Soul’s essence.

Happiness cannot be achieved from the outside. It must be an internal element that needs to be acquired within your world. 

As we walk upon this earth at this time, there is great confliction with war occurring on the other side of the world. Peoples are coming together to bring forth their unity, assistance and solidarity of peace. But peace cannot be achieved just by saying you’re going to be peaceful.

As we acknowledge the presence of all that we are in any given moment, there is a sense of acceptance that occurs. This acceptance is not a mental attitude but is a consciousness, a feeling, bringing forth the Divine blessing from your Soul’s essence to come into your pure consciousness.

But how do we get to the point of allowing the higher aspects that you are desiring to achieve to be realized within your own physical consciousness?

By breaking through the blockages, the mental accolades, the inconsistencies that occur within your consciousness as a physical person within your Lower Self Ego, the Personality Self.

The Personality Self is one that is very difficult to change, because it can be very controlling; it wants to rule the day, it wants all answers to occur, it wants all activity to be in line with its consciousness. Within your Subconscious Mind there are so many elements that create havoc in your daily life. These are all acquired through the timelines, the experiences you’ve had as a Soul in and out of body. The best moments are when you have existed within the etheric temples as a Soul to go through a depth of healing between those lifetimes.

It is not until you fully realize the potential that you have within yourself that you can differentiate between what is good for you and what is not so good for you. Because in these moments of pure understanding there’s a blessing that occurs and the blessing is that a door has opened unto your full consciousness to allow your personality self to see what is there.

But the point is do you accept what is there or do you push it away? And say, “I will deal with that later or I don’t want to deal with it at all.” This is the choice that you make in your personality self.

You have the ability to change what is not working within your world to bring forth the understandings within yourself that all elements come into balance. And it doesn’t mean that all those elements are balanced. It just means they come into a lineage of understanding that the good and the not so good aspects that are within you are in alignment with whom you are as this personality self.

So, what happens within this process is that your healing takes you into a deeper level so that you can look within yourself and say, “Well, that doesn’t work. I have issues within myself of not feeling good enough or I have issues of judging other people.”

So, all of those elements come into play.

If you can imagine when you open up that doorway that your Personality Self may see that you’re in balance, because you’re looking at the lower and the higher aspects. And you may think that the higher aspects are going to be able to assist you into moving the lower aspects out of the way. But that is not how it works.

So, you have to delve into your own consciousness. You, as the personality self, you as the person that you are in the body that you’re inhabiting, you have to make a choice and say, “This is not working for me. I am very unhappy with myself.”

It literally comes back to that internalization that occurs within your consciousness. 

The more that you take one of those lower elements and allow yourself to observe it, to look at it deeply, and reflect upon it within situations in relationships in your outside world then you’re truly learning how to adjust that Lower Aspect into the Higher Aspect.

Let’s take for example the inability to love yourself.

What happens through this process is you take The Higher Aspect And Allow It To Blend More Deeply Within That Lower aspect by utilizing the Rays of God, by utilizing the thought-forms of acceptance of yourself, by feeling it and breathing it and becoming it. Then you’re acting upon all those four bodies to assist you. You’re acting upon the Emotional Body, you’re acting upon the Mental Body to give you clarification; you’re acting upon the Etheric Body to open up to the aspects, and you’re acting upon the Physical Body to fully allow the breath and the openness to occur within the Etheric Chakra System. 

When you realize that you have achieved a degree of healing within yourself; say that Lower Aspect is moving into the Higher Aspect for even one moment every day, then you are changing that Lower Aspect. Of course, there may be many layers of that Lower Aspect that need to be dealt with, but that’s not for you to worry about in your Personality Self. You must take one step at a time and uphold the best.

What occurs through this process is that you can then start to feel a degree of Happiness.

Not Happiness of your outside situation, but Happiness of the internalization of what you are achieving. This is exactly how you get through the processes of learning how to combat the lower aspect and move into the higher aspect.

This is the Divine Truth that needs to be acquired through acknowledging that your Soul has that happiness, but your personality self doesn’t. You’re Etheric Self does not know how to experience it. You’re Emotional Self doesn’t and neither does your Mental Self. It has to be acquired through your Spiritual Self, also known as your Higher Self.

So, then, we come back into that lineage of balance so when you look at it again with those aspects; if you look at the middle part of that balance within you, then you can see within yourself that those Lower Aspects with the Higher Aspects bring forth a sense of joy within yourself, joy of the self, embracing that joy, becoming that joy little by little, little by little.

This is how you achieve the ability to get through the challenges of the Lower Aspects to become more of your Higher Aspects.

It will take time. It can take years; it can even take lifetimes depending upon your Personality Self and how much he or she desires to work through the process. If you become too lazy and you think that the energies are going to do all the work on their own that is very untrue, because all four bodies must work together to achieve the blessed end of that journey of that one lower aspect to move into a higher level of acceptance.

I walk with you each moment.

I am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos with the Agarthan Council of Light.

Alunnah! Alunnah! Alunnah!

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