The Blessings of 2022 for the 11:11 Gateway – Lord Adama


Alunnah! Alunnah! Alunnah!

Greetings Everyone,

In these moments it is a process of elimination that is occurring within each and every one of you, not just representative of this cycle but of the 11:11:22 that is occurring less than 24 hours from now.

We have to reflect upon what has happened with the recent Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse. If you reflect back to what Master Djwhal spoke about with this Moon and Eclipse that it is opening and releasing elements within everyone’s consciousness and Heart Centers and chakras to be healed and challenged so that a new foundational basis can occur.

I think this is very appropriate for us coming towards the end of the year. We’re not quite there yet but we are coming closer. It gives forth a great reflection of what has occurred for each of us individually and personally since the beginning of the year. We must not always reflect upon the challenges, but we have to reflect upon the small successes, the small moments of seeing within yourself what has changed. It may be very subtle but it’s very important. This is what becomes held in your foundation.

As you know I’ve talked about this many times that if you don’t reflect on the small successes, you will forget.

But I think this year of 2022 it has been reflective of what Souls have had to experience within their lifetimes that may seem harsh or not fair or challenging and sometimes extremely powerful. But let’s look at the other side of those challenges and what happens when one accepts the challenge, walks through that energy with fear and insecurities.

Then, on the receiving end a new experience is integrated within the consciousness. This is the Super-conscious working with the Subconscious and Conscious minds. All Three Minds coming together to assist in that process.

Your subconscious holds all the limiting beliefs that you experience in your life and many more of them that you may not be aware of but will come up as time moves along. Because as you accelerate yourself with the energetic patterns, more will rise out of your system.

This may seem unfair but as a Soul we choose to walk a fine line between physical reality of the third or fourth dimension and the reality of multi-dimensions. Of course, we want to raise ourselves into those higher dimensional frequencies and become that pure essence. Some individuals choose to do that by exiting their body on the Earth plane and going into the Inner Plane of dimensional frequencies as a Soul without a body. We know in most cases that individuals that go through this process that are not aligned psychologically with the dynamics of universal consciousness, then they will get lost in the process. That is why they return into a physical body to experience it once again.

My main thought about this dissertation is 2022 as we come into the 11:11 day.
  • What is it within yourself that you desire to no longer have to work through, deal with, fight against?
  • Are you willing to go to whatever ends it takes to release that controlling energy within your subconscious that creates havoc and destruction within your emotional body?

The longer that you work through this issue, the more difficult it becomes because the Mental Mind becomes so involved in the process that it deters you as the Soul, as the full-body system and holds you back. That is not what any one of us choose to do.

In order to have freedom of your Spirit, you must have freedom of your Soul; you must have freedom from the confines of your dysfunctional self. You must release the elements within yourself that no longer fit. If you fight against that through your lower personality, then you’re going to struggle even more.

So, you have to make the decision: How much work do you want to do to create a new form of experience within your consciousness? Because once you allow yourself to say, “I am ready to receive this Divine energy within myself.” Then that Divine energy works through you.

You as the personality self, you as the mental-accolade person no longer needs to be part of it. If you allow yourself to realize you’re an integrated Soul with the physical, the emotional, the mental and the etheric bodies you will go through that process. You will allow yourself to be alleviated of the fears and the insecurities that you as a person may think is holding you back. That is what this 11:11 day in 2022 represents.

It’s time, Dear Ones, to finally look at yourself and say, “I no longer need to hold onto these aspects within myself that are holding me back from my true Divinity in this moment.” That Divinity will change throughout many moments in your path forward.

So, I say to you, “Respect yourself, be kind to yourself and release the controls you place on yourself to desire to be better.” You will be better if you desire it. This is what you have to do. You have to completely believe in yourself.

I, as Lord Adama High Priest of Telos with the Agarthian Council of Light, walk with you.

Alunnah, Alunnah, Alunnah!

ROYAL TETON RETREAT IS NOW OPEN TO ALL INITATES FOR KARMIC HEALING: It’s a time to connect your emotional body to the physical self, this full moon has been a precursor to move into the ability to work more deeply within our ascension pathway as an Initiate. The Royal Teton Retreat is open for every Initiate to work with the Karmic Board along with Master Djwhal Khul, Lord Lanto, and Master Hilarioan to assist our healing process to remove karmic elements that we are working upon in our pathway. The doorway to the retreat opens on December 15th through January 14th to connect with these Divine Masters. Lord Saint Germain is our guide to travel to the retreat located in the Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming in the United States during meditative states, and on the Innerplane levels (sleep state). 

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Achieving the Internal Essence of Happiness


Alunnah! Alunnah! Alunnah!

Greetings, My Dearest Ones.  I am Lord Adama here in these moments bringing forth my dissertation.

We gather together bringing forth the Divine energies to extend how to incorporate the Essence of Happiness unto your Being. There are other elements that constitute Happiness that are very important. The major component of that is what you experience in your Soul’s essence.

Happiness cannot be achieved from the outside. It must be an internal element that needs to be acquired within your world. 

As we walk upon this earth at this time, there is great confliction with war occurring on the other side of the world. Peoples are coming together to bring forth their unity, assistance and solidarity of peace. But peace cannot be achieved just by saying you’re going to be peaceful.

As we acknowledge the presence of all that we are in any given moment, there is a sense of acceptance that occurs. This acceptance is not a mental attitude but is a consciousness, a feeling, bringing forth the Divine blessing from your Soul’s essence to come into your pure consciousness.

But how do we get to the point of allowing the higher aspects that you are desiring to achieve to be realized within your own physical consciousness?

By breaking through the blockages, the mental accolades, the inconsistencies that occur within your consciousness as a physical person within your Lower Self Ego, the Personality Self.

The Personality Self is one that is very difficult to change, because it can be very controlling; it wants to rule the day, it wants all answers to occur, it wants all activity to be in line with its consciousness. Within your Subconscious Mind there are so many elements that create havoc in your daily life. These are all acquired through the timelines, the experiences you’ve had as a Soul in and out of body. The best moments are when you have existed within the etheric temples as a Soul to go through a depth of healing between those lifetimes.

It is not until you fully realize the potential that you have within yourself that you can differentiate between what is good for you and what is not so good for you. Because in these moments of pure understanding there’s a blessing that occurs and the blessing is that a door has opened unto your full consciousness to allow your personality self to see what is there.

But the point is do you accept what is there or do you push it away? And say, “I will deal with that later or I don’t want to deal with it at all.” This is the choice that you make in your personality self.

You have the ability to change what is not working within your world to bring forth the understandings within yourself that all elements come into balance. And it doesn’t mean that all those elements are balanced. It just means they come into a lineage of understanding that the good and the not so good aspects that are within you are in alignment with whom you are as this personality self.

So, what happens within this process is that your healing takes you into a deeper level so that you can look within yourself and say, “Well, that doesn’t work. I have issues within myself of not feeling good enough or I have issues of judging other people.”

So, all of those elements come into play.

If you can imagine when you open up that doorway that your Personality Self may see that you’re in balance, because you’re looking at the lower and the higher aspects. And you may think that the higher aspects are going to be able to assist you into moving the lower aspects out of the way. But that is not how it works.

So, you have to delve into your own consciousness. You, as the personality self, you as the person that you are in the body that you’re inhabiting, you have to make a choice and say, “This is not working for me. I am very unhappy with myself.”

It literally comes back to that internalization that occurs within your consciousness. 

The more that you take one of those lower elements and allow yourself to observe it, to look at it deeply, and reflect upon it within situations in relationships in your outside world then you’re truly learning how to adjust that Lower Aspect into the Higher Aspect.

Let’s take for example the inability to love yourself.

What happens through this process is you take The Higher Aspect And Allow It To Blend More Deeply Within That Lower aspect by utilizing the Rays of God, by utilizing the thought-forms of acceptance of yourself, by feeling it and breathing it and becoming it. Then you’re acting upon all those four bodies to assist you. You’re acting upon the Emotional Body, you’re acting upon the Mental Body to give you clarification; you’re acting upon the Etheric Body to open up to the aspects, and you’re acting upon the Physical Body to fully allow the breath and the openness to occur within the Etheric Chakra System. 

When you realize that you have achieved a degree of healing within yourself; say that Lower Aspect is moving into the Higher Aspect for even one moment every day, then you are changing that Lower Aspect. Of course, there may be many layers of that Lower Aspect that need to be dealt with, but that’s not for you to worry about in your Personality Self. You must take one step at a time and uphold the best.

What occurs through this process is that you can then start to feel a degree of Happiness.

Not Happiness of your outside situation, but Happiness of the internalization of what you are achieving. This is exactly how you get through the processes of learning how to combat the lower aspect and move into the higher aspect.

This is the Divine Truth that needs to be acquired through acknowledging that your Soul has that happiness, but your personality self doesn’t. You’re Etheric Self does not know how to experience it. You’re Emotional Self doesn’t and neither does your Mental Self. It has to be acquired through your Spiritual Self, also known as your Higher Self.

So, then, we come back into that lineage of balance so when you look at it again with those aspects; if you look at the middle part of that balance within you, then you can see within yourself that those Lower Aspects with the Higher Aspects bring forth a sense of joy within yourself, joy of the self, embracing that joy, becoming that joy little by little, little by little.

This is how you achieve the ability to get through the challenges of the Lower Aspects to become more of your Higher Aspects.

It will take time. It can take years; it can even take lifetimes depending upon your Personality Self and how much he or she desires to work through the process. If you become too lazy and you think that the energies are going to do all the work on their own that is very untrue, because all four bodies must work together to achieve the blessed end of that journey of that one lower aspect to move into a higher level of acceptance.

I walk with you each moment.

I am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos with the Agarthan Council of Light.

Alunnah! Alunnah! Alunnah!

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Divine Order for the New Earth ~ Lord Adama Discourses


Lord Adama’s Discourse set the energies for the following months in which he will be teaching how each of us can be like the Telosians to help create the New Earth.   Lady Galatcia gave us a beautiful introduction of the Telosian Essence.


It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light with my Beloved Galatcia.  Thank you so much for giving forth such lovely introduction.

I ask each of you to breathe deeply within yourself and see what that vibration felt like to you.  Was it a remembrance?  Was it a new essence?  Or is it something you are fully integrating within yourself continually?  This is what I strive for through this process we are going to experience with one another.

I wanted to go deeper than we have been before.  As I reflected on the program of the Telosian Way of Being, and Mahlariessee played that video the other day where everyone gave their testimonials, I saw a time when everyone truly felt a difference within the energetic exchange.  I would like to share that with as many individuals as I can, to help them understand more about themselves.  Only because you are on the Upper Earth, does not mean that you cannot achieve the same result, the same experiences within your lives.

My goal through Mahlariessee and her assistance was to bring forth a deeper understanding than we went into before.  The power of that work was amazing.  This program is going to be very similar to that program.  We travel to Telos, which we will do in a few moments.  We will experience the Lemurian Retreat House, where we will experience the forests, the garden, the beach, the lake, the waterfall and all the beautiful essences within our city.  But more than that, I want each of you to incorporate those energies within yourself.  I want you to fully take what you feel and make it physical.  Make it your world.  Allow those essences to be your world.

In order to do so, we have to understand who we truly are at each moment in time when you go on your journeys.  That is why I asked Mahlariessee to call this awareness of the self.  If I was to tune into each of you in this moment, what is your true awareness?  What is it that you are experiencing within yourself that takes you into a deeper level, and allows you to take what you have learned through the work you are doing, and make a concentrated change in your life.

This is very important.  If you are participating in this membership program, then you are just looking into the meditations to be in a higher state of consciousness and you do not allow that higher state of consciousness to be integrated within your Physical Body even just a tiny little bit.  Then you are not getting it.  You are not going to the depth you could.  That is what I am here to assist you with.  I am here to help you with this process and to bring in the spiritual aspects you deserve to have.

These are the elements to think about as we are going through this process; unconditional love, self worth, patience, lessons you have learned, balance, preference, happiness, discipline, surrender, integration, Oneness, unity, non-judgment, decisiveness, faith, humbleness, centeredness, humility, cooperation, assertiveness, even-mindedness, mastery, choice, self love, compassion, forgiveness, confidence, and personal power.  All these may be attributes that each of us should be incorporating within our lives every moment.  They need to be addressed.  On the other side, there are the negative aspects of what this means, but I am not going into that presently.

My role in this moment is to give you an overview of what we will be doing to assist you in going deeper into your consciousness, into your subconscious, and act as your super-conscious.  A lot of times the Higher Self, the higher mind, truly desires to have all these aspects within your life, but incorporating them physically is an entirely different thing.  This is due to your psychological level that has already been shared through Lord Melchizedek and the others through the other program.  What we are doing is to help you get to the deeper core of that essence.  The psychology primer series that is being done presently with Lord Melchizedek and the other psychologists benefits you by giving you an awareness to assist you through the attunement process.

This stage takes us deeper into purification.  It is like jumping into a beautiful Crystalline pool of water.  Within that pool of water, you feel elements coming out of you that do not fit.  This is the journey we would like to take you on.  We want to take you into a pathway to where you have not existed physically.  You have it, because it is in your Higher Mind.  It is in your Higher Heart.  It is in the higher essence of your I AM to bring that more fully into your physicality and allow those essences to come in.  We go below the surface of the physical self.  We go below the surface of what you can attain in your Higher Self.

We do this through the process of the availability of energies we can provide you with in Telos.  It is a magical essence of the purity of Light that needs to come into all parts of your being.  We then take you on a journey of understanding when something comes across you and you feel you have failed or made a mistake.  There are no mistakes.  They are only lessons.  We need to understand what causes those lessons, as there is always an underlying cause of why you created them.  Then you can get onto the other side of that doorway to accept the lessons in your life.  We will step into humility and forgiveness; forgiveness of the self in the highest level of healing that anyone can do.

Understand your lower ego versus the higher ego.  What does that mean?
Some people think you should not have any ego.  Others think you should have all your ego.

However, there is a difference between the lower and the higher, just as there is with everything else.  Going through these steps will help you walk through your fear.  It will create even-mindedness, meaning your mental level being cleared, being open.  And you acquire this through your Higher Mind.  We will help you become more centered within yourselves by integrating all those aspects I have spoken about previously and bringing them into Oneness.  We are not quite sure how long this will be.  It may be through the next year on a monthly basis.  We have a lot to cover.  It also depends on the energies and what is happening within the Earth, around the Earth, within the moon cycles, the sun, eclipses, events that are happening on a planetary scale.  All of that will be a major focal point.

So in this moment I am going to ask you to go deeper within yourself.  We take the essence of surrender.  Put yourself in my hands through this process in the next few moments we are together.  What that means is to completely open yourself up and allow anything and everything to come out of you; things that you do not like, things that you do like.  Allow the purification of your essences to occur.  Without surrendering you will never be able to get through these doorways.  You end up being physically bombarded with negative thoughts, the hurts, and the inability to feel that center within yourself.  I know each of you can feel this in your meditations.  Each of you feels this within your breath when you allow yourself to do so.  What we want to help you with is to feel it all the time, every moment, to accept your own divinity and to bring forth the purification of your essences.

Let us talk a little bit about what is happening on a planetary scale at this time.  We are moving into a new moon in a couple more days.  The new moon represents a change in frequency.  This one is quite different, because the sun sign being in Leo is a very controlling energy, a powerful energy.  What does the lion do?  The lion has its own power.  It has its own power, as others are afraid of it because of the way it presents itself, the way that it roars, the way that it sounds.  Yet the lion can also be very nurturing to its young ones, to its family, and be very protective.  This is exactly what we are going through as a planet.  We are sitting in a vortex of Light energy coming into the planet to help us become more centered, more accepting, more understanding but yet very powerful.

Previously, those words could probably not meld together.  Power and nurturing are opposites of the spectrum.  However, as the Earth changes occur, it is important that each understands that it is of your creation.  It is who you are becoming, what you are accepting within yourself, how you go about what you are experiences.  These are all part of the thoughts and the movements to create a new sense of self.  Without it, you cannot create anew.  You will still have the old.

We need each of you.  And we need each of you to be grounded within your energies.  We know that there are thousands upon thousands of people who know about Telos and who truly want to be there with us, who want us to be with them.  But there is a separation.  Within that separation is a world of complete differences.  There is a lack of understanding of both sides.

The human race on the Upper Earth does not understand what we have gone through to create what we needed to be.  Within that creation, we have molded a community that has assisted each other.  We also had to go through the same elements that you are addressing presently.  At this point, the Upper Earth is becoming the New Earth.

But how does it become the New Earth with such confliction, with such arguing of sides and a lack of understanding?  There is no integration of Oneness.  Many thousands think they are in Oneness, because of their thoughts, because of their philosophies they are giving to others, to the collective, to society.  However, what happens when they are not in that giving stage?  Do they give to themselves?  Are they allowing themselves to be nurturing or do they feel more powerful projecting themselves onto others to assist the ones that are lesser than them?

As each of you know, the higher levels of dimensions need to be acquired.  At the level the Earth is on presently, there is too much interference with dimensional frequencies, with Light and Dark energies, with the existence of those energies fighting for this planet to become One.  Environmentally, the Earth is not at the level of the New Earth.  Thus it is necessary to go into the depth of this kind of work.  The Earth has not reached that stage.  It is only a thought process.  The truth of the matter is that it has to be internalized within each human being.  This is what we want to get to going below the surface of the self.  What is the awareness within your conceptual thinking, within your conceptual feeling and energy?

Do you look at someone who has a lesser living situation than you, has less than you?
Or do you look at them as being equal?
What do you think is the percentage of society having these judgments?

Many souls have come in to learn these lessons, as they have been on the side that were against people like themselves previously, whatever their personal situation is.  That is an imbalance.

At this stage of the game, Karma can be transmuted just by internalizing within yourself the creative process to make the necessary changes within the self.  People do not realize how important it is that every individual upon this planet needs to internalize their own higher essence within themselves.  That is where the healing capacity occurs.

I will say to you that doing this work does not mean it is the end of your lifetime.  As we know, that is the whole process of mastery.  Why do you think I am the age I am, of which I am not going to tell you what that exactly is?  It is close to a thousand years old.  And that is what I am getting to.

It is the community, effort and cooperation of faith, acceptance, perseverance, and of understanding that these elements all have to come into the full focus within each person.  We have learned how to do this in Telos, and you are learning how to do this here.

My prediction for this Earth at this point, and it could change as soon as tomorrow, is that energy and fluctuations coming into the planet are so strong that every individual person is feeling change.  Now, the ones who do not know how to handle it are unable to accept that change.  Thus, they will either get angry, frustrated, become sick, and create situation in their lives to make necessary changes.  Say that a couple goes through this.  Say that the man cannot handle himself and within that he has a heart attack and dies.  What happens to the woman married to him?  She now has to look deeper within herself of what that relationship meant to her; whether she was the strong one in the relationship or the weak one.  She now has to internally look at herself.  Otherwise she becomes the same as the man, internalizes the lower frequencies within herself and gets sick.

This is Divine Order occurring, as in that aspect of what is happening within that experience, each of them move toward the point they need to be at for more healing.  In his case, he leaves the body and goes to the Inner Plane.  His soul works more fully with him.  In her case, she either refrains or she has to get deeper within herself if she decides that it is what she wants for herself upon this planet.  Consciously, she is probably not thinking about any of this, or she is very aware of these energies and what she can do for herself.  It is a domino effect that is happening.  Every person who that man has affected will also be affected by his death.

What will they do upon his death?
Will they be able to go deeper or will they give up?

Giving up is not a bad option.  In those moments, that soul cannot handle what has happened to them.  Thus their contract is finished.  They have done exactly what they needed to do.

In relation to that, it is a cleanup process.  It is not an easy way to look at it as a physical being, but as a spiritual being you can see that the Earth is being cleaned up.  Every time that each of you tune into yourselves and do more, you are going to allow that energy to go to others, whether you realize it or not.  Our discussion right now is going to each of those individuals on the call, but where else is it going?  That is what we have to look at.

The work each of you is doing exponentially extends to the universe, into the planetary systems.  They go deeper through Gaia’s world.  Within this process, what is occurring is that each of you is getting better with what you are doing and you are assisting others, even those who you do not touch, even those who you do not speak to.  By just allowing your energy to be sent out onto the universe it then comes back into you.

It is the process we would like to take you through.  Allow yourself to get into a deeper space, so that this Earth can become the New Earth.  It is the Golden Age.  There is a doorway.  We stepped into it in 2012.  What that means is that frequency of Light coming into planet was assisting people so much more at the frequency and level it is coming in.

If you look around, at your friends, your family, the ones you do not even know that much, maybe on a social network, and you start to see the words maybe different.  You start to see them in a way that may not be how you choose it to be, but it is a progression of Light.  It is a progression of allowing those essences to come into the purification of this planet.

That is why we are here.  We are here to assist within this process.  The more we extend what we have, the more it will come into this planet.  That means the pathway between us gets shorter, each time we connect, each moment that we accelerate.  When you put all this information into words, those that read it also receive it.  By doing service to yourself and going into the deeper levels of your experience, you are doing service to mankind.  This truly is what mastery is about.  It brings forth those essences, those conditioning processes, to fully allow the totality of what is available to become manifest.  It is exactly what each of you is going through.

Alunnah, Alunnah, Alunnah!

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