The Blessings of 2022 for the 11:11 Gateway – Lord Adama


Alunnah! Alunnah! Alunnah!

Greetings Everyone,

In these moments it is a process of elimination that is occurring within each and every one of you, not just representative of this cycle but of the 11:11:22 that is occurring less than 24 hours from now.

We have to reflect upon what has happened with the recent Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse. If you reflect back to what Master Djwhal spoke about with this Moon and Eclipse that it is opening and releasing elements within everyone’s consciousness and Heart Centers and chakras to be healed and challenged so that a new foundational basis can occur.

I think this is very appropriate for us coming towards the end of the year. We’re not quite there yet but we are coming closer. It gives forth a great reflection of what has occurred for each of us individually and personally since the beginning of the year. We must not always reflect upon the challenges, but we have to reflect upon the small successes, the small moments of seeing within yourself what has changed. It may be very subtle but it’s very important. This is what becomes held in your foundation.

As you know I’ve talked about this many times that if you don’t reflect on the small successes, you will forget.

But I think this year of 2022 it has been reflective of what Souls have had to experience within their lifetimes that may seem harsh or not fair or challenging and sometimes extremely powerful. But let’s look at the other side of those challenges and what happens when one accepts the challenge, walks through that energy with fear and insecurities.

Then, on the receiving end a new experience is integrated within the consciousness. This is the Super-conscious working with the Subconscious and Conscious minds. All Three Minds coming together to assist in that process.

Your subconscious holds all the limiting beliefs that you experience in your life and many more of them that you may not be aware of but will come up as time moves along. Because as you accelerate yourself with the energetic patterns, more will rise out of your system.

This may seem unfair but as a Soul we choose to walk a fine line between physical reality of the third or fourth dimension and the reality of multi-dimensions. Of course, we want to raise ourselves into those higher dimensional frequencies and become that pure essence. Some individuals choose to do that by exiting their body on the Earth plane and going into the Inner Plane of dimensional frequencies as a Soul without a body. We know in most cases that individuals that go through this process that are not aligned psychologically with the dynamics of universal consciousness, then they will get lost in the process. That is why they return into a physical body to experience it once again.

My main thought about this dissertation is 2022 as we come into the 11:11 day.
  • What is it within yourself that you desire to no longer have to work through, deal with, fight against?
  • Are you willing to go to whatever ends it takes to release that controlling energy within your subconscious that creates havoc and destruction within your emotional body?

The longer that you work through this issue, the more difficult it becomes because the Mental Mind becomes so involved in the process that it deters you as the Soul, as the full-body system and holds you back. That is not what any one of us choose to do.

In order to have freedom of your Spirit, you must have freedom of your Soul; you must have freedom from the confines of your dysfunctional self. You must release the elements within yourself that no longer fit. If you fight against that through your lower personality, then you’re going to struggle even more.

So, you have to make the decision: How much work do you want to do to create a new form of experience within your consciousness? Because once you allow yourself to say, “I am ready to receive this Divine energy within myself.” Then that Divine energy works through you.

You as the personality self, you as the mental-accolade person no longer needs to be part of it. If you allow yourself to realize you’re an integrated Soul with the physical, the emotional, the mental and the etheric bodies you will go through that process. You will allow yourself to be alleviated of the fears and the insecurities that you as a person may think is holding you back. That is what this 11:11 day in 2022 represents.

It’s time, Dear Ones, to finally look at yourself and say, “I no longer need to hold onto these aspects within myself that are holding me back from my true Divinity in this moment.” That Divinity will change throughout many moments in your path forward.

So, I say to you, “Respect yourself, be kind to yourself and release the controls you place on yourself to desire to be better.” You will be better if you desire it. This is what you have to do. You have to completely believe in yourself.

I, as Lord Adama High Priest of Telos with the Agarthian Council of Light, walk with you.

Alunnah, Alunnah, Alunnah!

ROYAL TETON RETREAT IS NOW OPEN TO ALL INITATES FOR KARMIC HEALING: It’s a time to connect your emotional body to the physical self, this full moon has been a precursor to move into the ability to work more deeply within our ascension pathway as an Initiate. The Royal Teton Retreat is open for every Initiate to work with the Karmic Board along with Master Djwhal Khul, Lord Lanto, and Master Hilarioan to assist our healing process to remove karmic elements that we are working upon in our pathway. The doorway to the retreat opens on December 15th through January 14th to connect with these Divine Masters. Lord Saint Germain is our guide to travel to the retreat located in the Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming in the United States during meditative states, and on the Innerplane levels (sleep state). 

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