Background History of the Agarthan Cities of Light

Lord Adama, the Chancellor for Walking Terra Christa

Founded by: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee


Rev. Michael Ara

Lord Adama lives in Telos which is the capitol city of Agartha (Christed Inner Earth Beings of Light) which is located below the mountain of Mount Shasta, California. All of the cities of Agartha are 5th dimensional in which individuals live for hundreds of years in the essence of Divine Love.

All of the inhabitants of the Agartha Cities live by the code of Love within themselves and others. Each individual is considered an Initiate of Ascension Mastery. Most of them live for hundreds of years. There is no monetary system; bartering goods and services is their way of life within each city and the community between all the cities. Telos is considered the capitol city where King Ra and Queen Ranu-Mu along with Princess Sharula and Prince Ma Hu Luna reside. Lord Adama is the High Priest with Priestess Lady Galacticia.

The City of Telos is of the Lemurian culture. These people traveled far and wide to find a safe haven at the time of the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Each city has a High Priest and Priestess that oversee the interworkings of the city. There is a council of 12 within each city.

There are five main cities including Telos which are POSID (beneath the Mato Grosso plan region of Brazil), SHONSHE (Refuge of the Ughur culture within the Himalayan mountains), RAMA (beneath the surface city of Rama, India), AND SHINGWA (located on the border of Mongolia and China). Each of these cities govern the smaller cities within the Inner Earth. There are about 134 Crystalline Cities around the world that are under the direction of the Agartha Council of Light (formerly called the Lemurian Council of Light).

Lord Adama oversees all aspects of the Agartha Council. There are meetings within Telos on a continuous basis on various topics about what is occurring within their communities, council business, and their role with the Upper Earth changes.

The Agartha Council of Light is very interested in the Upper Earth and work with many levels to assist each of us on the Upper Earth to start to live by the codes that they enforce within their communities. They are just as interested to have Gaia ascend into Terra Christa so that we can walk together in the Golden Etheric Cities (New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light).

They are very strict in their demeanor towards the upper earth civilization and desire to have each of us live by their codes of Responsibility, Love, and walking the Mastery Pathway as designated by the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light.

Lord Adama stepped forward to assist Lady Mahlariessee in the late 1990’s but the true beginning of their personal relationship occurred in Mount Shasta during a Wesak Festival hosted by Dr. Joshua David Stone.

Lord Adama came up to her and introduced himself as “Adam” and that he had just moved to Mount Shasta. Immediately Mahlariessee knew that he was the one and only, Lord Adama. He took his index finger and touched her throat with a big smile.

Christine’s life changed from that moment forward; she took a cleansing bath and then drove up to the mountain. She sat in her car and meditated as Lord Adama guided her Higher Self and Light Body into the city of Telos. She was deeply moved by this introduction of the High Priest of Telos. When she drove back down the mountain, a golden Eagle flew right over her car. The magic had begun and has not stopped since.

Mahlariessee was forever changed by their encounter which created a deep bond between them not only spiritually but physically. Her continued connection with Lord Adama has allowed her to be in Mount Shasta, California in which she traveled from New Jersey in 2011. A very intense journey with her car packed with her cat, Isis, ready to embark upon a new adventure in her life.

Lord Adama guides both Rev. Mahalariessee and Rev. Ara Hayden in providing expertise within their personal life; how to deal with the public, learning how to live 5th dimensional in thoughts, emotions, and actions, while creating a lifestyle that has assisted them both greatly.

He is the Chancellor of Walking Terra Christa as he overlights the teachings helping them to understand what information they need to provide to assist the public and the students of WTC. He presents his expertise every Wednesday for the New Earth Circle of Light teaching in which we journey to the New Earth Golden Cities in the 5th dimensional level.

This blog is dedicated to the understanding of being a 5th dimensional person that every individual in the City of Telos and all the other Agartha cities around the world located within the Inner Earth. He has dedicated his life to helping each of us on the Upper Earth to learn how to be a 5th dimensional human.

This will hopefully help each of us on the Upper Earth to learn how to live and work cohesively as we move towards the possibility of becoming the New Earth, known as Terra Christa.

We hope you enjoy the transmission from the classes along with personal messages that he shares through Rev. Mahlariessee and Walking Terra Christa.

In expressions of Oneness,
Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah Hayden

For more information on Rev. Christine Mahlariessee’s background, please see Journey of Illumination, her personal blog of Walking The Ascension Mastery Pathway.

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